Topgolf Swing Suite Coming to Toms River

TOMS RIVER-The Toms River Ale House today announced the Topgolf Swing Suite will be coming to their restaurant at 1850 Hooper Avenue in September.

The Toms River Ale House will house two simulators that can be rented for a fun and interactive social gathering or private practice session

“Our family is continuing to evolve and improve in the food and beverage industry, while at the same time not forgetting where we came from. Costumers are not guaranteed and we try our absolute best to make each person who walks through our doors feel like family,” said the Gullace family who owns the restaurant.  “With our new partnership with TOPGOLF SWING SUITES we truly believe we are going to bring a whole new level of entertainment to our loyal patrons and we could not be more excited for the future. To all our family, friends and colleagues we thank you for your unwavering support and we can’t wait to unveil our new location to you this September.”

In a press release, the family said, “The Topgolf Swing Suite complements the venue’s Sports and family friendly atmosphere. The Topgolf Swing Suite games are designed for both golfers and non-golfers alike, and up to eight people can play, eat, drink and hang out in each bay at one time. The Topgolf Swing Suite can be rented for business and social gatherings, including birthday and bachelorette/bachelor parties.”

“We are proud to team with Toms River Ale House to provide a new kind of interactive social experience, featuring industry-leading Full Swing Simulators, that will entertain all ages and golfers and non-golfers alike,” said Topgolf Swing Suite President Ron Powers.

Topgolf Swing Suite represents a new milestone for Topgolf as the company extends its brand beyond the four walls of its venues and inspires players to experience golf in captivating new ways.

The Topgolf Swing Suite will open at Toms River Ale House in September. 2018 For updates, visit

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