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Fiocchi: Singh Bamboozled Party Leaders, Misled About Self-Funding Ability

ATLANTIC CITY-The Republican race for the District 2 seat in Congress is heating up as Sam Fiocchi calls for political newcomer Hirsh Singh to drop out the race after personal financial disclosures reveal Singh has virtually no net worth.

“Singh’s personal financial disclosure report shows Singh doesn’t have the ability to spend the $2 million he promised the party establishment he would spend on the race,” Fiocchi said in a press release.

Sam Fiocchi.

Fiocchi said Singh made a promise to Republican leaders he may not be able to keep.

“All along my campaign has said Hirsh Singh didn’t have the money he promised to spend on this race and today’s filing proves exactly that,” former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi said. “It’s time for Hirsh Singh to admit to the folks in the party establishment that he bamboozled them into believing he would help fund county parties.”

Among Singh’s reported income was an Atlantic City jackpot win.

Fiocchi’s campaign spokesman added, “Misleading the party’s establishment aside, we would like to congratulate Singh on winning between $1,001 and $15,000 at the roulette table.”

Kush continued, “I said previously, that Hirsh Sing’s biggest accomplishments to date are winning a beauty pageant in Washington, DC in 2012 and, according to his own Facebook post, that he ‘totally raped the LSATS.’ I suppose we can add professional gambler to that list because of his win in Atlantic City and that he was willing to gamble folks would believe a 33-year-old living with his parents had an extra $2 million lying around.”

“This certainly explains why Hirsh Singh challenged petition signatures, he wanted everyone else out of the race so no one would discover his stretching of the truth about his financial resources,” Fiocchi said. “Hirsh Singh has a truckload of dirt behind him and this latest misstep is another in a long list of reasons why he cannot be our party’s nominee.”

“With all the negatives in his campaign maybe it’s time for Hirsh Singh to reconsider and drop out of the race,” Kush said.


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