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Sports “Superdome” to be Built on Former Foodtown Site in Brick, To Open in November

BRICK-Brick Township’s fifteen-year problem is finally showing signs of light after the township agreed to allow a multi-use indoor sports facility to be built on the former Foodtown shopping center site on Route 70.

Abandoned for nearly two decades, the site was last used as a transfer station for debris from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and 2013.

Now, the township has given the green light to build a 79,000 square foot sports complex that would including training facilities for baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, surfing and volleyball, according to a sign on the property.

The facility will also hosts birthday parties, feature an arcade and could be expanded for other entertainment and recreational uses.  The owner, according to Brick Townsip Mayor John Ducey said the facility wants to open by November.

The structure will be a standard sports dome, hidden by a commercial complex in the front of the facility.

Pad sites nearer to Route 70 could include retail stores and a restaurant.





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