James Carville Asks Democrats to “SCREW” Republicans by Saving Obama’s Legacy

WASHINGTON-Democrat strategist James Carville wants to screw Republicans and the majority of Americans who in 2016, voted both for President Donald Trump and for the Republican majority Senate and Congress.

“I’ll shout if I have to…a brand new poll has democrats up by 15 points,” Carville told supporters on Saturday.  “If we can win the house and save President Obama’s legacy, the Republicans would be…you guessed it, S-C-R-E-W-E-D!”

Carville told his followers that a “BRAND NEW POLL” has Democrats “Up by 15 points!”, but did not share the poll with them.

He asked recipients of a DCCC mailing list for a buck donation before the stroke of midnight Saturday, marking the end of the first fiscal quarter.

Carville is not only correct in his assumption that a Democrat win in 2018 would “screw Republicans”, but it would most likely screw most of America if the failed Presidency of President Obama and his “legacy” were somehow brought back to life after taken off life support by the administration of President Donald J. Trump.


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