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When Will Midstreams Road in Brick be Paved? Mayor Slams County for Conditions

BRICK-Mayor John Ducey addressed resident concerns over the condition of Midstreams Road which connects Route 88 with Princeton Avenue.   The road was scheduled to be paved in 2017, but wasn’t, leading residents to ask Ducey during his recent Facebook Live session.

Ducey told residents that he has been asking for the road to be refinished and received a promise by county officials that it would be completed in 2017, but it has not.

“Every February or March we get a meeting with the county and the last one was in March of 2017. The promised it would be done in 2017,” he told residents. “We started asking heavily, when the heck is this going to happen, then it got to be October and everyone knows we can’t pave in November or December.”

The county said late in the year the road wasn’t going to be repaved, according to Ducey.

“They said oh ya, we’re not doing that this year,” he added.  “The reason why, I don’t know, but we went to our meeting last week with the county and they said it will be done in 2018.”

Ducey said the county prioritizes roads by letter and they only got up to level c roads in 2017, but Midstreams is identified as a level e road.  They told the mayor it will be a level b road in 2018.

Ducey advised concerned resident to call the county as Midstreams is a county road and not maintained by the township.

They said they were surprised to be getting complaints from residents, usually, it’s just me calling, when people actually call with complaints, maybe they’ll react a little sooner.

Ducey said he received reports that the county repaired some potholes on the road, but said he hopes that not all the town gets this year.

“It’s a horrible stretch of road there,” Ducey added.

Freeholder John P. Kelly is the liaison to the County Engineering Department.  Residents can contact his office directly via email at or via phone at 732-929-2003 to get up to date information on the status of the project.


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