Is Ocean County’s Prosecutor in Danger of Losing His Job this Month?

TRENTON-There’s a new boss in New Jersey and his name isn’t Chris Christie.  This is why Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato could be in danger of losing his job in just a few days.   As is the cycle in New Jersey politics, the party in charge makes all of the political appointments and now that party is the Democrat Party and the new boss is Governor Phil Murphy.

Hired by former Governor Chris Christie in 2013, Coronato has made sweeping measures to the county’s crime-fighting ability, but like his predecessor, Marlene Lynch Ford, he may be on the political chopping block.

In early February, the all-Republican Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders petitioned Governor Murphy to reappoint Coronato.  Even as news was released today by Coronato’s office of one of the largest drug ring takedowns in Ocean County history, Coronato’s job is not secure.

Several names have been making their rounds as a possible replacement being considered for Coronato, all Democrat-leaning lawyers from Ocean County, but none official.

Coronato’s term as Ocean County Prosecutor officially expires in March. He was sworn in on March of 2013 and is hoping to be appointed to another five-year term.

The state has not made any official announcement as to whether Coronato will be replaced with a Democrat-aligned lawyer or if he will be reinstated.



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