Firm Unveils Vision of Seaside Heights’ Future, Includes Beach Front Pool and Cabana Club

SEASIDE HEIGHTS-After receiving approval from the borough planning board, the architectural firm MODE has unveiled their concept for a beachfront Cabana Club and Beach Bar.

According to renderings of the project, the facility will include a beachfront pool with private cabanas, lounge chairs, and beach access.   And indoor pavilion is shown with a deck that can host private functions such as a wedding, depicted in one of the renderings.

The project will also involve the rebuilding and reimagination of the Beach Bar lost to Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and subsequently demolished shortly afterward.

“We are very excited to finally share our vision of the Seaside Heights boardwalk. After months of design and preparation the redevelopment plan received unanimous approval from the Planning Board,” the company said.  “Now the real work begins!!! First Phase includes kiosks and pop-up bar scheduled to open summer 2018. Cabana club and new Beach Bar building to open summer of 2019.”


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