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Explosion, Fire Reported at Lakewood Business Park

LAKEWOOD-Lakewood Police are reporting that an explosion was heard inside a commercial park on Cross Street at the same time that the ground shook across Ocean County during today’s storm.  Many attributed the large boom to “Thundersnow” as thunder and lightning were also reported in the area at the time.

At this time it is not known whether the two incidents are related, but police have confirmed an eyewitness account of an explosion.

Lakewood Police reported: 
Firefighters from several Ocean County towns are currently battling a large scale fire at a small business park that houses several businesses including a shop used for welding. At approx. 2:20 pm the police department received a call from a man who reported a fire at 144 Cross Street after hearing a “loud explosion”.

Upon arrival  Police and Fire personnel reported visible flames and shut down the portion of Cross Street that extends between River  and Massachusetts Avenues. Firefighters from Lakewood quickly called for mutual aid to assist in trying to control the quickly spreading fire as well as requesting the response of both JCP&L and New Jersey Natural Gas.  At this time firefighters from Jackson, Toms River, Brick and Point Pleasant are en route to assist.

You can see more photos and follow this story on the Lakewood Scoop.  Photo: Lakewood Scoop.
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