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Congressman MacArthur Pays Respects to Billy Graham

WASHINGTON, DC-New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur paid his respects to evangelist Billy Graham this week after his passing at the age of 99.   A service for Graham was held in the U.S. Capitol building.

“Yesterday, Billy Graham became the 4th private citizen in our history to lay in honor in the U.S. Capitol. Billy Graham meant a lot to my generation and even more to my parent’s generation.

“Paying my respects was very meaningful to me – it made me hope and pray to be more like him. I was moved during the ceremony as I recalled working at one of his crusades over 30 years ago.

“His casket was made by inmates at Angola Prison-a fitting tribute to a man who blessed our world with his humility. Our world would be so much better if more people took his simple message of God’s love to heart.”

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