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Ordinance to Allow Brick Cops to Enforce NJ Traffic Laws in private Parking Lots Advances

BRICK-The Brick Council on Tuesday voted in favor of an ordinance to allow police officers to perform traffic enforcement operations in some of the town’s public and private parking facilities.

Under the first reading of the ordinance, Brick police officers can enforce all of New Jersey’s Title 39 traffic laws.

Lots to be included are The Market Place at Brick, Drum Point Sports Complex, Brick Township Housing Authority, Joe Canals, Tinali Wines, Investor’s Savings Bank, The Brownstone, Wells Fargo Route 70, CVS Hooper & Drum Point, River Rock, Bay Harbor Plaza, The Habitat Center, Brick Presbyterian Church, Micael’s Furniture, Pediatric Associates, 1641 Route 88, Wawa Brick Blvd, Denino’s Pizza, 10 Beaverson Blvd, Lightning Jack’s Marina, Beaton Boat Yard, Offshore Pools, 2557 Hooper, 1641 Route 88.

The ordinance is expected to be adopted at the January 16th council meeting.

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