New Jersey Democrat One Percenter Murphy: Free College Tuition…But Who Pays for It?

A report in the Star Ledger today said New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy wants to provide New Jersey residents with free college tuition if he becomes governor of New Jersey in two months. It’s as if Democrats in the most taxed state in the United States are playing a game of “break the bank” with the taxpayers. Does New Jersey need more government spending? Murphy, the billionaire one percenter representing the Democrats in New Jersey, apparently thinks we do.

TRENTON — Democratic nominee for governor Phil Murphy on Monday formally announced a plan to offer tuition-free community college to all New Jerseyans. “We simply do not have the workforce that we need,” said Murphy, standing on the sidewalk of the Trenton Junior College & School of Industrial Arts and flanked by U.S. Sen. Cory Booker,…

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