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Toms River Superintendent Clears Board Review of Sexual Harassment Complaint

TOMS RIVER-The Toms River School board this week announced that claims made against Superintendent of Schools David Healy do not put him in danger of losing his job.

The investigation was launched by the law offices of school board attorney Stephan Leone after a confidential complaint was leaked to the media.

Now the school board will shift its focus towards the investigation into who exactly leaked confidential personnel records to the Asbury Park Press.   Those records included a sexual harassment complaint filed against Healy by a district guidance counselor.

Healy is alleged to have complimented the woman’s legs and asked her how much she works out.  According to the complaint, Healy suggested the woman enter into a contest for “best legs”.

At a July meeting, tempers flared during the open board discussion about the leaks between Beachwood school board member Daniel Leonard and Toms River board member Robert Onofrietti.     While school board president Ben Giovine was discussing the matter, Leonard leaned behind other school board members at the table and said to Onofrietti, “You’re a bitch”.    Leonard later said his statement was, “You’re a snitch”.

The district has not made any announcements regarding the second internal investigation, which could be carried out by a private investigator.


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