Inspired by 4 Year Old, Little Free Library Opens in Ortley Beach

Dominic James Borgese, a Toms River 4 year old is learning to read and write this summer and his Mom would like him to share his books with other children by putting up little free library boxes on the boardwalk of Ortley Beach.

That dream, and a GoFundMe account that raised $585 has become a reality  for young Dominic and mom Theresa.

There are Little Free Libraries in all 50 states, but this is the first at the Jersey Shore.

“The Director of Tom’s River Recreation has given us the green light and so we’ve created this Go Fund Me Page hoping our neighbors and patrons of Ortley Beach, friends and family might like to donate to our post-hurricane-Sandy beachfront,” Dominic said. “Where I may share my books and become something called a Steward who Trusts in the Honor System, the Goodness in people, a Love for literature and more such things that are over my head but Mom believes are very important.  She’s crazy like that.  We thank you so very much for helping us establish the first little free library on the Jersey Shore.”

The only other Little Free Library, according to the organization’s website is in Jackson Township on Brookefield Drive.


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