Great White Shark Surfaces Near Seaside Park

SEASIDE PARK-A 3,456 pound great white shark was spotted off the coast of Seaside Park on Sunday as it traveled south along the Ocean County barrier peninsula this weekend.

Mary Lee, as she was named by Ocearch, a global shark tracking organization has been tracked since she was tagged with a monitoring device off Cape Cod in September of 2012.

The great white shark was spotted Sunday morning two miles off the coast of Seaside Heights and made an inland approach towards Seaside Park.

She was last spotted at 10:32 am on Sunday, but hasn’t surfaced since, so she could be anywhere in the area.

This marks her third visit to the Jersey Shore in two years.   She passed by the shoreline in May of 2015 and October of 2016.

Update: As of 6:52 AM, Monday, Mary Lee traveled south and was spotted approximately 5 miles off the coast of Long Beach Island.

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