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Guadagno: Never Underestimate a Woman with a Gun

TOMS RIVER-Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno is under fire this week over a comment she made back in March at the Ocean County GOP Governor’s forum at the Days Hotel in the Atlantis Ballroom.

At that event, Guadagno was addressing Ocean County’s Republican elite and stared down her opponent, Jack Ciattarelli and said, “Never underestimate a woman who carries a gun.”

Guadagno was referring to her right to conceal and carry in the state of New Jersey being a former sheriff and prosecutor.

Although just a parlor room comment amongst friends, her opponent Joseph Rullo took exception to that comment this week while addressing some 300 gun owners in Jackson Township.

“Everyone should be able to carry a gun in New Jersey, Kim,” Rullo said in front of the Jackson based Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club.  “But we don’t even know where the hell you stand on the second amendment…we don’t know where half of them stand.”

Rullo said later that Guadagno’s double standard on gun control puts New Jersey residents at risk, offering protection only to a select and chosen few.  He said every woman in New Jersey should have the right to arm and protect themselves, not just a select few.

Rullo is an avid gun rights advocate and is challenging Guadagno in the June 6th Republican primary election.


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