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Brick Township Bans Puppy Sales from Puppy Mills

BRICK-The township council passed an ordinance that effectively bans the retail sale of puppies and kittens township wide.

The township amended a previously written ordinance that restricted the sale of dogs and cats and removed language that allowed for the sale of the pets by pet stores, kennels and licenced breeders.

The law in the township now prohibits the sale or transfer of animals who were breeded for sale, but allows the sale and transfer of rescues or donated pets.

Prior to the amendment, there was a legally existing non-conforming use claws in the ordinance that was stricken from the township code by the council vote.

The ordinance was a result of residents complaining about purchasing sick animals bred in puppy mills and through an effort by  the Puppy Mill Awareness Campaign, a campaign sponsored by the Friends of Animals United, NJ.

The Brick Shorebeat today published a comprehensive news article regarding the ordinance passage.


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