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Developer Proposing 35,600 Square Foot Business Park on Hyson Road

JACKSON-Jackson Properties, Inc. is proposing to build a 35,600 square foot commercial and warehouse facility at southwest intersection of Hyson Road and Challenger Way.  The application is requesting to be heard at the April 3rd planning board meeting.

According to land records, the property was purchased by the Township of Jackson for

Two buildings will be built on the 4.05 acre parcel.  The lot was historically designated as residential zoning, but was changed to limited commercial during the last rewrite of the Township’s master plan, a project led by Councilman Ken Bressi, but is now Limited Commercial.

Under the designation of limited commercial zone, medical, professional, assisted living, day care, preschool and other various light commercial facilities can be built on the once residential property.  Warehouse facilities are not on the list of applicable uses of the property.

Raymond F. Shea, esq. is the attorney representing the applicant.

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