Flashback Friday: Freeholder Joe Vicari and the Victorian Era Kiln

In 1993, a turn of the century kiln was found while excavating a parking lot between 213 Washington Street and the old Methodist cemetery to its west. There was once a house on the lot, but that was torn down in 1968, 25 years before the find.

An investigation by the county found the kiln may have been used to burn waste. Over 100 prohibition era bottles were also found on the site and the county believed the bottles were thrown down a chute to hide the evidence.

The house was owned by the Ayres family who also owned the Ayres Brickworks, which was located on Bachelor Street in the late 1800’s.

Inside the kiln, workers found bottles that once contained whiskey, gin, root beer and other discarded household glassware. Most were dated between 1890 and 1920.

Photos by Ocean County.

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