Media Slams Conway Over Lack of Oval Office Decorum, But…

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump met with educational leaders from predominantly African American universities and colleges.  The president pledged more support to those institutions and the media was all over it.

It, being Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a White House sofa taking a picture of the gathering.

Live, from Buzzfeed, couchgate gets full coverage:

So, let’s for a second pretend the congregation of black university leaders wasn’t the top story and White House decorum and putting your feet on things was.

There’s many photos of President Barack Obama sitting in a chair with his legs kicked up on a piece of American History.   Not important.  Who cares?

But wait, there’s more.

Who can forget those times Bill Clinton relieved himself all over Monica Lewinksy, and the stuff he used to do with his cigars.

We’ll end this story right here and file it in the ever growing drawer of “fake news”.


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