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Three Year Old Girl Who Saved Mom's Life with 911 Call Recognized by Law Enforcement

by Brick Police Department

BRICK-On February 4, 2016 at approximately 1:30 PM, Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department 911 received a call from a 3 year old girl, calling from her mother‘s cell phone. The 3 year old reported she could not wake her mother.
Monmouth County Public Safety Telecommunication Operator Richard Incremona kept the girl on the line until Monmouth County was able trace the cell phone number to an address. The address found was in the Kentwood Apartments in Brick Township. Monmouth County Dispatch contacted Brick Police and briefed Brick Police Dispatcher Kimberly Greenspan on the call.

Officers were dispatched to the Kentwood address and were able to ascertain that the mother and daughter lived at another address in Brick Township. Dispatcher Greenspan kept the three year old on the phone and was able to retrieve vital information from the three year old. When police arrived the daughter was instructed by Dispatcher Greenspan on unlocking the front door to let them in. The mother was assessed by first aid and transported to a local hospital.

On February 21, 2017 members from both law enforcement agencies came together to meet with the three year old and her mom to acknowledge the child’s actions. Due to the efforts of this three year old girl and the quick thinking of both dispatchers we can report that mom is doing fine and is extremely proud of her daughter.

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