Casanova Ristorante Owner to Receive Liquor License Transfer

JACKSON-Antonio Romeo DiSantillo, owner of the now close Casanova Ristorante and Romeo’s Plaza in Jackson has applied to the township to receive a liquor license for the currently closed restaurant.

The restaurant was the scene of what Ocean County Prosecutors are calling a “Murder for hire” plot.

According to testimony in court, DiSantillo claimed an associate, Hector Calderon shot and killed Peyman Sanandaji.   Court filings show Romeo DiSantillo owed Sanandaji $140,000.

Closing arguments in the case are expected to be heard today and a verdict is expected to be handed down in the near future.


From a township public notice:

TOWNSHIP OF JACKSON LEGAL NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that application has been made to the Township of Jackson for a person to person transfer from Happy Time Cafe, Inc. to Antonio Romeo DiSantillo for premises located at 10 South New Prospect Road, the Plenary Retail Consumption License # 1511-33-021-00 1. Objections, if any, should be made immediately, in writing, to: Ann Marie Eden, Clerk, Jackson Township, Municipal Building, 95 W. Veterans Highway, Jackson, NJ 08527. Antonio Romeo DiSantillo.


Photo: Google Earth.

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