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Revolving Door of Bail Reform Well Oiled in Bergen County as Burglar Let out of Jail Again…and Again

TEANECK-Police in Teaneck arrested a man that has been in and out of the Bergen County Jail at least 31 times since 2002 on new burglary charges on Friday.

Ali Beretay, aka “Touch”, aka “Usher” has a rap sheet that includes burglary, criminal trespass, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and more was let out of jail after a pretrial hearing held under New Jersey’s new bail reform law.

According to jail records, Beretay was also charged with defiant criminal trespassing on February 7th and was also released after a bail reform pretrial hearing.

New York City jail records show Beretay was also arrested on January 25th for 3rd degree felony burglary and released.

According to judges in Bergen County, Beretay obviously poses no threat to the community and pinky-promised the judge to return to court for his hearing(s) on the new charges.

Beretay charge sheet courtesy of Bergen County Jail, provided by NJBailReform-Why NJ is Less Safe Facebook page.




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