Sanders Reminds Media Why President Continues to Bypass Them to Reach Americans

WASHINGTON, DC-White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Stern gave the White House media pool aboard Air Force One a firm reminder why the President has chosen to circumvent the biased anti-Trump media.

Sanders was asked why the President, who was inaugurated four weeks ago feels the need tomorrow to go back onto the stump and reach out directly to the American people.

“I think it’s real simple the reason he wants to go back,” Sanders said.  “I think, in large part, it’s because his message, when filtered through — unfortunately, people standing in this circle don’t always do the best job delivering his message, and nobody does it better than he does.”

Trump has lost all faith in the mainstream media’s ability to provide fair and honest reporting of his Presidency.

“And so, he can do that very easily by taking the stage and talking directly to the people of America, addressing their concerns, and being able to properly express exactly what he’s doing, what his administration has done over the last month, and what they plan to do in the coming weeks,” Sanders added.

When asked a ridiculous question by the “dishonest” media, Sanders handled it like a pro.

“Is this a campaign rally for 2020?  Or is it a campaign rally for another candidate?  Or how do you portray it?” one reporter asked.

“I think it’s most likely a campaign rally for America,” she responded. “I think it’s — again, it’s the President’s time to be able to speak directly to people across this country in an unfiltered way, and in a way that doesn’t have any bias that’s been expressed through the reporting that usually happens.”

The press pool, who rarely, if ever questioned former President Barack Obama over his travel plans continued to grill Stern with more absurd and leading questions.

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