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How Shore Area Legislators Voted on Latest Bail Reform Funding Bill

In January, New Jersey legislators were asked to throw $17.6 million dollars into the new failing bail reform system to hire 20 more judges required to manage the system that has been nothing but a revolving door for repeat criminals in the state.

These are the Jersey Shore area legislators who recently voted to spend $17.6 million on continuing bail reform.  We have added their phone numbers for those who want to call to express their concerns.

YES – Voted to spend $17.6 million over 2 years to keep bail reform alive.
NO – Voted against spending $17.6 million
ABSTAIN – Did not vote.

Here’s who voted here at the Jersey Shore:

District 13 – Northern Monmouth

YES Senator Joe Kyrillos (732) 671-3206
NO Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (732) 383-7820
YES Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon  (732) 933-1591

District 11 – Central Monmouth

YES Senator Jennifer Beck (732) 933-1591
YES Assemblyman Joann Downey (732) 695-3371
YES Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling (732) 695-3371
District 30 – Southern Monmouth/Northern Ocean

YES Senator Robert Singer (732) 987-5669
YES Assemblyman Sean Kean (732) 974-0400
YES Assemblyman David Rible (732) 974-0400

District 12 – Western Ocean 

YES Senator Samuel Thompson (732) 607-7580
YES Assemblyman Robert Clifton (732) 970-6386
YES Assemblyman Ron Dancer (609) 758-0205

District 10 – Central Ocean County

ABSTAIN Senator James Holzapfel (732) 840-9028
YES Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin  (732) 840-9028
YES Assemblyman David Wolfe (732) 840-9028
District 9 – Southern Ocean County

NO Senator Christopher Connors (609) 693-6700
NO Assemblyman Dianne Gove (609) 693-6700
NO Assemblyman Brian Rumpf (609) 693-6700

District 2 – Atlantic County

YES Senator Jim Whelan  (609) 383-1388
YES Assemblyman Chris Brown (609) 677-8266
YES Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo (609) 383-1388

District 1 – Cape May

YES Senator Jeff Van Drew  (856) 765-0891
YES Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczack  (856) 765-0891
YES Assemblyman R. Bruce Land  (856) 765-0891


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