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Christie Touts Bail Reform, Calls Opposition "Ridiculous Crap"

TRENTON-Governor Chris Christie went into a childish rant on New Jersey 101.5 last night after being asked a question about bail reform which has been allowing violent offenders and even several who have committed sexual assault against children, some repeat offenders, back into New Jersey’s communities.

“Oh stop, that’s ridiculous, they’re not being released on nothing more than a promise, they’re given bracelets,” Christie said.  “These are non violent people who are not causing problems when they get out.”

Christie said only people in the bail bonds community is upset over bail reform.

“Now they’re pissed, too bad,” Christie said. “You shouldn’t be making money off the poor [criminals].”


Christie said a Facebook page which track the release of violent criminals and sexual predators is nothing more than “ridiculous crap”.

The most notable breakdown in bail reform in 2017 happened in Ocean County where a man who offered a video game console to a young child in exchange for sex over the internet was set free with an ankle bracelet.

Local Police Chief Richard Buzby said the man had a known reputation for trying to entice children to have sex with him, including a second pending case for an earlier sexual assault against a child.

Local officials said the subject also approached young children at their school bus stops.


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