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New Playa Bowls in Brick Highlights Success of Empty Storefront Program

BRICK-Across Ocean County, many retail storefront units have remained empty for years, but in Brick, an incentive program for new and expanding businesses is helping to fill those empty stores.

Brick Township’s empty storefront program helps businesses in Brick and the community by waiving all township fees for businesses willing to open shop in a retail space that has been vacant for more than one year.

Under the program, building permits and inspection fees are waived.

Mayor John Ducey touted the success of the program with the announcement of the addition of the wildly popular Playa Bowls chain coming to the Shops at Brownstone.

In his February 7th Facebook live session with residents, Ducey said although builders are free to clear lots and build commercial space in town, he would rather see businesses move into existing vacant spaces.

“We’d rather see empty storefronts filled first and that’s what we’re seeing around town,” Ducey said. “As you drive around as everyone sees, there less vacancies and more and more being filled all the time.”

Playa Bowls is rapidly growing chain of health food shops specializing in acai bowls, pitaya bowls, juices, smoothies, and Chloe’s soft serve fruit.



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