Tom Kean to NJ Democrats: Spend More Time Fixing New Jersey, Less Time Protesting Donald Trump

TRENTON-Democratic lawmakers nationwide have been fixated on Donald Trump since his inauguration and have all but abandoned their responsibilities at the local level as they participate in protests and organize rallies against the President.

It’s something Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean wishes they would stop…and focus more on fixing the problems that plague the Garden State.

“With Senate Democrats so focused on federal affairs in Washington, they’ve ignored work on reforms they have the power to advance in Trenton that could have a real impact on the lives of every New Jerseyan,” Kean said. “They’ve planned votes to express opposition, but they haven’t planned any votes on cutting property taxes, nor have they planned votes on creating opportunities for students and job seekers, or on ethics reforms that would help to rebuild trust in our government institutions.”

Kean said New Jersey Democrats have been grandstanding in the recent national media spotlight, also fixated on the President’s actions.


“Rather than work for headlines, Senate Democrats should start working for New Jersey,” he added.

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