These 20 Democrats Have Opted Out of the American Political Process

They’re clamoring now about the legitimacy of the Donald Trump presidency which begins on Friday by boycotting the ceremony, but these 20 Democrats are also effectively opting out of the American political process.

Never has the legitimacy of an American presidential election been under fire from within as it is this year, as Democrats continue down a path of self destruction.

Today, these Democrats are clamoring for protest, tomorrow they will be complaining about being left at the station as the Trump administration, powered by a Republican house and senate moves the country forward.

By claiming illegitimacy of the office of the President, they are also undermining the power and influence of their own offices and doing a disservice to their constituencies who depend on their ability to work across the aisle to accomplish the goals of the districts they serve.

Few will notice their absence, but they still have a few days to reconsider the disservice they doing to those they represent.  When Republicans are unwilling to negotiate during the new sessions Washington, they have only themselves to blame.

They will undoubtedly blame Trump and blame Republicans for their opting out of the American political process.

Rep. John Lewis is now leading the charge to undermine the office of the President of the United States.


Here’s the list, maintained by The Hill.


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