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No Relief in Sight for Brick Flooding Problem

BRICK-A resident concerned over the frequent roadway flooding problems at Jack Martin Boulevard and Burrsville Road in Brick asked Mayor John Ducey if he will be addressing this matter in the near future with the Ocean County engineer.

Ducey said that not only will he be asking for remediation, but he has asked several times in the past for it.

“We have that meeting usually in February,” the mayor said. “That’s always on our list every year and we get the same response every year and it’s not a good response.”

Ducey said the county engineers are waiting for a developer to develop the triangle property that lies at the intersection of Route 88, Jack Martin Boulevard and Burrsville Road.

Ducey said there was a proposal to build a Marriott hotel but fell through.  The county expects the developer of that land to pay for the repairs of the flood prone intersection.

“The county’s plan is to wait until it’s developed,” Ducey said.  “Then it’s off their pocket book and onto the developer’s pocketbook, but I’ll still make the request and see if the answer is the same this year.”

Ducey did not say whether or not past plans to develop the property had failed based on the county’s requirement for the expensive civil engineering project attached to the property.

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