Ocean County Commemorates Final Battle of Revolution at Annual Reenactment

STAFFORD TWP-An affair that was cancelled in 2008 by the Stafford Historical Society due to financial troubles has been revitalized by Ocean County and its historian, Timothy Hart.

Last week, the annual reenactment of the “Affair at Cedar Bridge” took place as Hart and other reenactors gave the approximately 75 guests an insight into what some believe were the final shots fired during the American Revolution.

10891710_370820176427748_7924501882170507019_nThat battle was a skirmish between a band of local British loyalists, led by Captain John Bacon, against a group of Burlington based American militia.

As the militia drew near the the Cedar Bridge Tavern where Bacon and his loyalists had set up a defensive perimeter, local sympathisers came to the aid of Bacon, allowing he and his group to escape.

Months later, Bacon was finally found by Captain Stewart and killed.

The event is held each year on December 27th.

Photos by Ocean County Sheriff’s Dept.

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